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Relaxation massage (Swedish)

Relaxation (Swedish) massage is one of the best and most popular treatments – perfect for clients navigating the perils of a demanding and busy lifestyle. This technique recognises that illness and stress affect not only our physical but also our emotional, spiritual and mental well-being.

Swedish massage allows the body’s natural healing abilities to come forth and balance the entire body as a whole.

Price: Full body massage 1 hour, Legs, feet and back massage 45min

Pregnancy massage

If there is ever a time when a woman needs and craves massage the most during pregnancy. This is a time of major physical and emotional changes, with many unwanted aches and pains. Our massage is delivered by a qualified midwife who is knowledgeable in the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and customised to the specific needs of pregnant women and their ever-changing bodies.

We will only provide massage after the first trimester because of the increased risk of miscarriage associated with massage in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The massage will mostly take place in the side-lying position propped up with many soft pillows for maximum safety and comfort or in a semi-reclined position depending on your gestation. This is to avoid compression of the vena cava, which can cause low maternal blood pressure and decreased circulation to mother and baby. Few pressure points will be avoided, as they often promote uterine contraction. The abdomen, however, can be massaged in a gentle manner which can be of great benefit to mother and baby.


Price: 1 hour 45min

Mummy Makeover

This massage is well known for relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, whilst improving the performance of your lymphatic system to ensure minimum fluid retention. The benefits of this massage include hormone regulation, reduced swelling, better sleep, and improved breastfeeding.

Price: 1 hour

Body Sculpting Non-surgical lipo + wood therapy

Process: non-surgical lipo pads equipped with laser are placed onto the skin causing the fat cells to release their stored fatty acids and water into the body and then shrink, resulting in lost inches. Fat-cell is then expelled via the lymphatic system or burn for energy. This is then followed up with our wood therapy massage. Wood therapy is a great natural treatment to reduce belly fat. For those who don’t want to go through an invasive treatment like liposuction.

Most common treatment areas: Abdomen, Waistline, Thighs Arms

Price: Packages: X5 - X10

Non-surgical Tummy tuck + wood therapy

Consists of exclusive massage techniques which stimulate the fat cells by using Ultrasonic cavitation to melt down fat, radiofrequency to tighten and firm the skin then followed by a light touch of wood therapy to sculpt the silhouette. For that extra snatch, add on our Non-surgical Lipo! (additional cost applies).

Treatment areas Stomach & Flanks.

Price: 1 hour, Packages: X5 , X10

Pre-op Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage (MLD) is not only meant for after surgeries, it’s a great massage to clear blockages in our lymphatic system, allowing the body to get rid of all the toxins. If you’re thinking to get a liposuction, tummy tuck, breast surgeries or other types of cosmetic surgeries get your body ready. As you know after any cosmetic surgeries the body has to process an enormous amount of fluids and toxins, having blockages in your lymphatic system will make the drainage of the lymph fluid longer and harder, and as a result, you will feel too much swelling, seroma, and fibrosis. The effects of LDM treatment may reduce the risk of post-surgical complications such as infection, excessive swelling, bruising, and scar tissue that can later restrict mobility. Remember, it’s all about preparation!!!!!!!!!!

Price: 1 hour and 5 sessions

POST-op lymphatic drainage massage

This massage is aimed at post-surgery clients following plastic surgery or medical surgery. Manual drainage of excess fluid in the body is performed to release lymph into the lymphatic system to ensure you are releasing toxins. Post-op massages are ESSENTIAL to assist with, bruising and pain management. It is recommended up to begin with a minimum of 10 Lymphatic drainage massages and more depending on the type of surgery and body.

Price: 1 hour. Packages: 5, 10

Cellulite reduction

This is a combination treatment that includes: Massage, Columbian wood therapy, and radiofrequency to reduce the appearance of cellulite and to leave skin with a silky-smooth finish.

We recommend a minimum of 5 sessions for best results.

Prices: 1 hour, Packages: X5 & nbsp; X10

Additional post-surgery care Drain care/removal

We will support you to care for your drain post tummy tuck and BBL.

It is recommended to keep your drains in if you are still draining loads of fluid.

Your doctor will advise on the number of days to leave your drain in and when to remove the drain.

Price: Check List

Seroma Aspiration

A seroma is a build-up of clear bodily fluids in an area on your body where tissue has been surgically removed especially post-liposuction or tummy tuck. Seroma consists of a yellowish liquid portion of blood that remains after the red blood cells, and white blood cells have been removed. The seroma site can often feel tender, high in temperature, and sore.

Seroma aspiration is a clinical skill that is carried out mainly by a doctor or a registered nurse who is trained in seroma aspirations and insured following a doctor’s review. This MUST be done aseptically under sterile conditions.


Price: Check List

Surgical care – (pre / post-op)

Pre- and post-surgery care are as important as your surgery if not more. Why have your pre- and post-op care with an unqualified, uncertified, and uninsured individual?

There are a lot of people still asking and questioning the importance of aftercare after cosmetic surgeries especially liposuction and tummy tuck. From my own experience, I can tell you that aftercare is as important as the surgery itself, and finding the right therapist is as important as finding the right surgeon. Prepare for your aftercare as much as you prepare for your surgery.

Post-op care is very important not only to reduce the swelling and avoid seroma and fibrosis but as well to help your scar heal better and quicker.

I start working on tummy tuck clients from as early as day 3 or when the surgeon says it’s ok, I work mostly to reduce the swelling and avoid seroma, but from week 6 I start working on the scar to reduce any skin creases, reduce any tension caused by the scar on the surrounding area.



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Cancellation Policy

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