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Welcome to a world of Body sculpting and enhancement, post plastic surgery massage and care, non-surgical sculpting, and holistic care. Our aim is to support you in reaching your body goals, wellness, and health in the most therapeutic and safe way! We understand and appreciate we are not the same as such we always treat everyone based on individuality and needs.

Your decision will never be judged. Whether surgical or non-surgical. Rather, you will be supported throughout your journey by an experienced individual who has a story to share too.


About Us

Our services are led by a professional who understands the importance of health and safety, infection control, and hygiene. We are confident and competent with the care and services we give because we always give individualized care/treatment the way it should be carried out.


We are transparent and certified hence, our range of certifications and insurance is displayed when you enter our office.


We have made many adjustments in our working environment to ensure that everyone remains safe in light of the recent pandemic.

On arrival

We will take your temperature

You will be asked to wash/sanitize your hands

You will be expected to change your mask to a fresh one (supplied by us)

We fully clean and sanitize every piece of equipment after every client so you will be coming into a clean environment every time you visit us.

Please note: Our service is by appointment only and we only see one client at a time hence we ask that you do not bring a plus one as we have a limit on the number of people allowed in the office/clinical area.

Please do arrive 10 minutes earlier than your allocated time on your first appointment to ensure that you fill out your consent and consultation documents and 5 minutes earlier for follow-up appointments for preparation, so you get full benefits of all time paid for.